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Yacht Sailing in Greece


The Bear sailing Family experience

Sail in peace of mind with Dubi, Seagal and Yam Or Klein

The Bear sailing Family Experience Cruises is owned by Dubi Klein, a professional skipper with over 25 years of experience sailing around the world.

You just pack a bathing suit and come sail with us at ease.

Sailing dates Upon request

* The routes can be changed upon request and depending on the weather conditions.



*Participation in the cruise.

* 2 available cabins.

* General organization.

* Renting of the yacht.

* Linens and towels. (1 set for each participant)

* Professional Skippers services - ( 1500 euro value )

* Yacht insurance.

* Service boat with outboard motor -  ( 150 euro value )

* Snorkeling gear.

Available with Additional Fee:
* Entrance to tourist sites.

Naoussa Paros.jpeg

Not included


* Flights, shuttles and transfers.

* Personal travel insurance.

* Food and drinks - ( around €30 per person per day ) 

* S.U.P. -  ( 150 euro per week)

* End cleaning of the yacht -  ( 150 euro )

* Docking in marinas - ( around 50 - 250 euro per week )  

* Fuel - ( around 150 - 200 euro )

* Wireless internet on the yacht -  ( 100 euro per week)

The basics like spices and cleaning products, some extra food and drinks will be onboard, the rest we buy together.

Breakfast and lunch will usually be prepared together on the yacht.

Dinner at anchorages is usually eaten in taverns, but not mandatory. Of course, the expenses depend on the expenses in the restaurants in the evening and on the daily consumer goods.

Here's a suggested itinerary from Paros to the small Cyclades:

Day 1: Paros


  • Arrive at the Yacht where We get to know our home for the week.

  • Get our provisions for the next days and enjoy Paros port or get ready for departure to a quiet night on anchor.

  • Dinner in a taverna ashore or on board.

  • Back to our home for a drink/sleep under the stars. 


Day 2: Ios

  • Breakfast onboard and weigh anchor.

  • Morning sail to Ios port, Possible brunch stop at Paros blue lagoon.

  • Enter Ios marina, time to explore the nearby beaches, trails or tavernas. enjoy the great bakery and ice cream shop.

  • Sunset with wine at the special sunset point up above the town, Great dinner on the way down to the marina.

  • go to one of the many bars/clubs or enjoy a drink on board.

Day 3: Schinousa

  • Sail to Schinousa Island.  

  • Lunch and snorkel stops in the south west bay of Iraklia  island, where we can see a sunken airplane from WW2.

  • Night anchorage at Schinousa port.

Day 4: Koufonisi

  • Sail to Koufonisi Island, a beautiful Gem in the Small Cycladic islands where boutique shops and fine dining is everywhere.

  • Amazing clear beaches are all around us.

Day 5: Koufonisi to Paros Blue lagoon

  • Sail from Koufonisi island to Rhina cave on Naxos island and snorkel in a beautiful sea cave.

  • Sail to Paros blue lagoon for a night under a blanket of stars in the clearest water around.

Day 6: Blue lagoon to Paroikia

  • Wake up in Paradise and enjoy the clearest water of all Paros.

  • Sail to Antiparos marine cave for a swim and maybe a cliff dive?
  • Sail to Paroikia for an evening out in the Big Town. Enjoy a sundowner on deck and dine out in a fine taverna.


Day 7: Paros


*Routes will be determined in real-time based on weather forecasts, the skipper's decision, and the participants' desire.

We plan for a calm and pleasant sail as much as possible.

Why you should sail with us:

We organize a yacht sailing week for you where everything is planned, just come. We will take care of the safety on board, Give advice on what is there to see/do, take you to our favorite places and make your sailing adventure easy and hassle free. Come take it easy, sail for fun and meet like-minded people. The yacht is our home so we keep it up to date, clean and comfy and ready for you to feel at home.


You will get a safe and fun sailing experience, yacht cleaning at the end of the voyage, planning a route and trips to the islands, recommendations and closing a place in restaurants, organizing special tours of the islands from personal acquaintances and other experiences. Just sail and enjoy.

Greek Paradise

* Insurance and deposit - our yachts are insured with full insurance that covers the participants in the voyage against injuries, accidents or breakdowns and negligence of the skipper. However, the fittings and equipment of the yacht are insured up to an amount of 750 euros. That is, we take a deposit of 750 euros for each voyage in which we guarantee the integrity of the boat's furniture and accessories - if any damage occurs we will repair it at the expense of the deposit and return the balance to you.

*The number of cruises is limited.

Welcome Aboard

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